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I stumbled across this Project on the Merge discord server and it certainly caught my attention. So what is the Altexplorer?

It’s a nice website that’s let’s you check the blockchains of many different altcoins. Normally every coin has its own explorer, meaning that if you want to check their blockchains for transaction you would need to visit several different websites. The idea of altexplorer is that you only need one site to cover all your coins. Currently there are 16 currencies listed on this site. More will come in the future as they are requested.

But this site doesn’t only let you check the blockchains, you can also keep track of your wallets there and see the statuses of your masternodes.

According to the developer, there will be new release soon, which adds a bunch of new features to the website. A mobile app is not currently in development, but according to the developer it will come in the future.

Visit the and check if your favourite coin is listed!

Merge Tip adress: MBuhrfVSjd4F77C7jYuVE6eVY3nUmW7LiD


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