Blackcoin – The OG Proof of stake Coin

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Not many people might know this coin, which is kinda sad because this is the very first proof of stake coin that was created. This dates back as early as early 2014! Well at the beginning it wasn’t a pure POS coin, it was more like a hybrid, meaning you could either mine or stake blackcoins. After some time the developers turned off POW mining and Blackcoin became the very first pure POS coin.

Over the past few years BLK had its ups and downs like many other projects. In january 2018 it hit the all time high of 1,30 dollars. Like pretty much all the coins out there it went downhill shortly after that.

Now whats happening with this coin? In the end of 2018 there was an IBO (Initial Burn offer) from Blacknet, a fork from Blackcoin which uses a newer POS protocoll. This IBO has hurt the coin, but it is still alive and very widespread. Blacknet on the other hand was created with a completely new POS protocol, meaning that investors now had to decide to either stick with the “outdated” blackcoin which already is widespread and available on a lot of exchanges or to switch to a completely new project that may or may not be successful.

Blackcoin is still alive and according to the devs it will stay that way. Legends never die!

Visit their website for more information.

Merge Tip adress: MBuhrfVSjd4F77C7jYuVE6eVY3nUmW7LiD


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