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  1. Welcome Birake to Hosting
  2. Request free hosting for your BIR masternode
  3. About Birake

1. Welcome Birake to Hosting

We welcome Birake to our free masternode Hosting service!

Owners of Birake masternodes can run BIR masternodes, and receive their corresponding rewards, by depositing $15 worth of Merge tokens in an escrow account with our host provider for 90 days. After this period, the service can be renewed for another 90 days without any further deposits, or it can be terminated, in which case the Merge tokens lent are returned to the masternode owner.

Note that Merge does only request the transaction id/output of the BIR masternode collateral to verify it is correctly setup. We will never request any private keys; users are the only owners of their coins and masternodes at all times.

2. Request free hosting for your BIR masternode

Enjoy now the benefits of Hosting with the free hosting of your BIR masternodes at:

3. About Birake

Birake offers a cryptocurrency exchange solution, but it is unlike anything that has come before it.

At its core, the Birake exchange platform ( offers a decentralized trading experience, providing traders with a secure and trustful infrastructure, where transactions and trades are held and stored securely on the blockchain with wallets isolated from the network and private keys accessed only by users. 

As a pioneering, Birake introduces an innovative shared exchange network concept with a shared central database, opening new possibilities to how cryptocurrencies are traded. By releasing exchanges within the same network, traders on a Birake-operated exchange make use of a cross networked order book and exchange liquidity, enabling swift fulfilment of a trade at the best price possible.

With exchanges ‘plugging in’ to the Birake network worldwide, the Birake network is aiming to grow to offer industry leading exchange volume traded and coins offered. Backed by the Graphene Blockchain, exchanges operating on the Birake network can handle 100,000 transactions per second, providing users with an incredibly responsive and real time cryptocurrency trading experience, creating a truly scalable concept and trading ecosystem.


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