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  1. Welcome Block-Logic to Hosting
  2. Request free hosting for your BLTG masternode
  3. About Block-Logic

1. Welcome Block-Logic to Hosting

We welcome Block-Logic Technology Group (Block-Logic) to our free masternode Hosting service!

Owners of Block-Logic masternodes can run BLTG masternodes, and receive their corresponding rewards, by depositing $15 worth of Merge tokens in an escrow account with our host provider for 90 days. After this period, the service can be renewed for another 90 days without any further deposits, or it can be terminated, in which case the Merge tokens lent are returned to the masternode owner.

Note that Merge does only request the transaction id/output of the BLTG masternode collateral to verify it is correctly setup. We will never request any private keys; users are the only owners of their coins and masternodes at all times.

2. Request free hosting for your BLTG masternode

Enjoy now the benefits of Hosting with the free hosting of your BLTG masternodes at:

3. About Block-Logic

Block-Logic Technology Group was established in 2018. The Block-Logic Committee consists of developers and team members from every corner of the globe, all working towards the Block-Logic vision.

Block-Logic’s vision is to combine the benefits of Blockchain and Distributed Technologies to empower consumers of their technologies with the tools to achieve their ambitions and goals.

By developing a revolutionary decentralised ecosystem built on these new generation technologies, Block-Logic will bring to the market a distributed platform and set of products that are easy to access, consume, migrate to and simple to manage. Block-Logic’s solutions will allow consumers to extend the use of these new generation technologies for business or personal use in ways that are not readily available today.


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