Merge Hub (Beta) is now released

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The long awaited feature on the Hub (Beta) is now released! The Hub features tipping function and a web wallet.

How to get registered? 

The Merge Hub is now opened for everyone. You can register by going to the Menu > Login > Register or by clicking here:

Note: Please use the same email you used on Merge’s website.

Then, when you have logged in, you should be greeted with a dashboard. Visit the home page and you should see a “My Wallet (Beta)” menu.

List of supported currencies: 

  1. BTC
  2. LTC
  3. DOGE
  4. PivX
  5. Merge (Only on testnet at the moment, mainnet will be released very soon!)

We are continuously working to add more coins to the platform.

How the tipping function works

The tipping function is actually quite simple:

  1. Create an article by going to the dashboard > Posts > Add New.
  2. Write an article and publish it. Our moderators will have a quick look on the post and approve it.
  3. When people find your article useful, you will be tipped.

Same goes to if you found an article useful, you can tip the author to as a way to appreciate it.

What are you waiting for? Get on the board and start writing today. Topics can be anything that are related to cryptocurrency, investments, how-to guides opinions and whatever you can think of. Just don’t write an article about your cute dog or a hamburger you purchased on the stall, you got what we meant 🙂


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