Merge listed on Coinpaprika

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We are happy to announce the listing of Merge’s coin on Coinpaprika:

Use Coinpaprika to have an overview of our coin, find out the exchanges and markets where it can be traded, read about the latest news and events, use the ROI calculator, and check historical data.

About Coinpaprika

Founded in April 2018, Coinpaprika’s mission is to provide comprehensive, reliable, transparent and objective access to information about crypto projects from all around the world. Coinpaprika strives to providing the clearest picture of the crypto markets, excluding or separating fake market data. This is done with their Web and Mobile platforms, having already an audience of around two million users.

Thanks to their service, users can easily analyze the current market situation and learn more about interesting projects. Their platform allows viewing such things, such as the technical aspects of a given cryptocurrency, developer teams – people responsible for a given coin, historical prices, charts, as well as GitHub progress.

Coinpaprika does not rely on competitors data. Instead, and thanks to their extensive development facilities, they gather accurate and big amount of data directly from the crypto exchanges, which is then processed and delivered to their platforms or via their free, professional API.


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