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Merge’s Decentralized Exchange (MergeDEX) offers now a coin listing program. This new feature allows communities to list their favorite coins on MergeDEX by voting.

Members of MergeDEX have the right to vote for their favorite coins. Votes are given with Merge coins. The more MERGE given to a candidate coin, the more votes it receives.

Every two weeks a new winning coin is listed after the corresponding coin’s developers fill in a simple KYC (Know Your Customer) form.

As a coin developer, this is a great chance to list your coin on a DEX and expose it to a bigger audience that will have access to your coin not only from MergeDEX, but also from all the other decentralised exchanges that exist under Birake’s platform.

Find out more about the coin listing program on MergeDEX and happy voting: https://trade.mergedex.com/coin-listing

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