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Rupaya (rupx) was created for the south-asian market.
This coin has a lot of history, dating back to 2004!
at first it was simply a litecoin fork, after some time the developers switched to proof-of-stake with masternodes.
in 2014, rupaya got listed on several exchanges. later in 2017 rupaya had its first hardfork, getting its ticker RUPX.
2 hardforks and 2 redesigned logos later and here we are in 2019.
A lot has been done in all those years and it would take me too much time to write about all those things in more detail.

But why would you create a coin specifically for the south-asian market?
The south asia region faces many challenges with poor internet, regular electricity outages and often hindered access to even basic banking and payment solutions.
they also have a very high currency transfer fee.
Rupayas solution for allowing payments despite all of the challenges mentioned is to provide an excellent mobile wallet experience that is secure and robust.
A further goal is the development and deployment of a point of sale system for e-commerce and other businesses.
Rupaya offers instant transactions thanks to swiftTX and very low transaction fees. To enhance the privacy of its users, the zerocoin protocoll was also implemented.
The team of rupaya also proposes a RUPX/Fiat currency exchange, to give the common people of south-asia the ability to buy RUPX as easily as possible.

Rupaya can be currently bought at graviex, CryptoBridge and STEX. Currently the price for this coin is very low and even the collateral of 20000 coins for a masternode shouldn’t put a dent in your wallet.
But investing into this project has the potential of paying off very big in the future.
The development team behind rupaya works very hard to improve their blockchain wherever possible and the number of community members is steadily increasing.

You can find their website here, also visit their discord!

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