The deep world of Merge

Host masternodes for free

3 weeks agoResources

Table of Contents Free masternode hosting How does it work? Where can I request a free masternode hosting? Free masternode hosting Merge BCDG (Blockchain Development Group) has announced a new offer for hosting masternodes where...


PIVX Trading on MergeDEX

3 weeks agoNews

By DFWplay Our alliance with PIVX incubated the discovery of MergeDEX. Allowing them to see the benefits of listing on MergeDEX and recognizing it as a trusted exchange. This will bring credibility to MergeDEX as a fast, low fees, and...


Merge Alliance with PIVX

4 weeks agoAnnouncements

By DFWplay Core Team Member On 13th of September our alliance was confirmed by vote (99%) on chain by PIVX’s Superblock governance. Details of the alliance can be found here...


Merge Alliance with Blast Exchange

4 weeks agoAnnouncements

Merge and Blast Exchange are happy to announce their recent partnership. Our goal and focus on establishing this alliance is to support both sides on marketing and listing related operations. These mutual support brings visibility and...


Merge Toolbox

1 month agoResources

Table of Contents What is Merge Toolbox? Am I Forked? Masternode Status Check Get Toolbox for your coin 1. What is Merge Toolbox? Merge Toolbox is a network monitor utility that helps users verify their status on Merge’s...


Merge reviewed by Secure Cloud Net

2 months agoNews

Jeffrey Scott from SecureCloudNet org Coin Review has released a YouTube video about Merge: Jeffrey goes over some of the highlights of our project: Purpose of Merge. Ecosystem of Merge. Use cases of Merge. Tools of Merge and...


Merge listed on CoinGecko Beam

2 months agoAnnouncements

Merge continues to expand and participate in well-known crypto currencies platforms, this time by joining CoinGecko Beam. Hop over to our dedicated page on CoinGecko and read our latest news and announcements:...


Merge listed on ICOHolder

3 months agoAnnouncements

The Merge Core team proudly announces the listing of Merge’s coin on ICOHolder: About ICOHolder ICOHolder provides a comprehensive list of ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), STO (Security Token...


Swap Budget time-locked

3 months agoAnnouncements

Our Swap Budget is an agreed amount of Merge coins obtained from the mainnet’s premine. Its main purpose was to serve the community with Merge coins during the swap period, an event where abandoned crypto currencies were able to...

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