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Merge Radio

23 hours agoServices

Merge Radio is the radio station where blockchain-related audio content is streamed 24/7. Contents such as music, podcasts, news and commercials are played to provide our community with an alternative communication channel...


DEX Coin Listing Discount

4 weeks agoServices

MergeDEX is offering an extraordinary discount to welcome and list on our exchange the following 163 coins for a rate of 0.05 BTC*: ACED, AEX, AGOR, AGU, APR, ARION, ATHR, AUS, AXS, BBP, BIII, BLCR, BSTY, BTDX, BTOK, C2P, CDM, CDS2,...


Merge Swap App

1 month agoServices

Swap App is a web interface that performs coin swaps automatic and seamlessly, becoming a solution that saves valuable amount of...

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