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We are happy to announce the listing of Block-Logic on RocketBot!

Block-Logic (BLTG) brings a distributed, next generation Peer-to-Peer Intelligent Data Platform, based on IPFS Technology. Its Ecosystem is backed by the following core services:

  • Block-Protect: A method that allows consumers and businesses to store and retrieve their digital files in a safe, secure and encrypted manner. Block-Protect offers mass storage solution for personal and businesses by providing a decentralised network based on IPFS technology.
  • Block-Pay: A method that allows individuals and businesses to pay for goods with our native token (BLTG). Block-Pay offers an easy to use solution to convert fiat money into BLTG as well as major crypto to BLTG and vice versa.
  • Block-Purchase: A method for business to easily sell goods online. Block-Purchase provides a turn-key solution to allow any individuals and businesses to set up an online e-commence platform.

Block-Logic’s platform and set of products are easy to access, consume, migrate to and simple to manage, allowing consumers to extend the use of these new generation technologies for business or personal use in ways that are not readily available today.

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Start earning, tipping, airdropping and giving away BLTG with RocketBot today!

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