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Merge Wallet QTUM - My Wallet

Merge’s upgraded blockchain is around the corner. This is an important milestone on our journey, as the new version will open new opportunities to extend our ecosystem and services, and adapt to the latest crypto standards.

Find below the reasons why we are upgrading our blockchain:

  • Merge’s current blockchain is a fork of PIVX v3.2 and BTC v0.10 core. This allowed us to establish our chain and focus on applications and use cases.
  • BTC v0.10 core is old code, from 2015, and it does not allow us to improve and maintain standards that BTC is adopting.
  • Rebasing our code and retaining PIVX’s base layer has never been done by any other PIVX forks, and that is due to the high complexity of the task.
  • However, we started such an adventure in November 2019, when BTC v0.19.0.1 was the latest codebase.
  • Today, we have completed our code’s rebase, all while retaining the existing chain. We can now maintain our codebase with BTC, thus, upgrading to BTC v0.20 will be a simpler task.

An example of the benefits of upgrading our chain is the smart contracts that are becoming available for BTC via RSK. This can be one of our next objectives.

The upgraded chain is currently being tested on testnet. One of the main accomplishments is that this upgraded version is 100% compatible with the current / existing one. This means that all our users and investors will simply need to update their Merge Wallet by the new one we are developing. No coin fork nor swap will be needed.

To match the enthusiasm of such a milestone, we decided to also upgrade our wallet, this time by selecting QTUM’s fabulous user interface.

Merge Wallet QTUM - Masternodes

We will notify our community once the tests have been completed and the upgraded chain and new wallet are released.

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