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Merge and Blast Exchange are happy to announce their recent partnership. Our goal and focus on establishing this alliance is to support both sides on marketing and listing related operations. These mutual support brings visibility and a greater influence of both projects to their existing communities, embracing and welcoming new groups of users who would join, follow and be part of our goals too.

Some key services for Blast Exchange’s users that Merge has already helped with are Explorer Lite (, Toolbox ( and voting support for a free listing on MergeDEX (

About Blast Exchange (BlastX)

Blast Exchange & BlastXCoin is a community-based project that has been created with the aim of supporting and partnering with projects that need a place where to market their coins, with special focus to teams that save abandoned projects.

Blast Exchange is slightly different in terms of rewarding investors who will support their goals, having its reward strategy as follows:

  1. A masternode owner will earn BlastXCoin rewards every day.
  2. The same masternode owner will receive a share from the 30% of Blast Exchange’s shares. *

* To be eligible, the masternode owner must run an active masternode for at least 60 days.

Find more details about Blast Exchange on their Website:

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