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Merge UltraGate Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with UltraGate. UltraGate is the online multi-platform project that focuses on providing essential services needed by individuals, all of it powered by the blockchain. With the use of their cryptocurrency, ULG, users can make use of their services and benefit from additional advantages the coin brings, including passive income by staking and running ULG masternodes.

The goal and focus of our alliance is to mutually benefit from the services both sides offer. These mutual support brings visibility and a greater influence of both projects to their existing communities, embracing and welcoming new groups of users who would join, follow and be part of our goals too.

UltraGate’s current services

The three current online services of UltraGate are JobGate, MarketGate and CasinoGate:

JobGate is the platform where Employers post Jobs in order to find the best match to fulfill their vacancies. Jobseekers register on the online platform and find their desired job. Services offered within JobGate can be purchased with cryptocurrencies such as ULG, DOGE, DGB and BTC.

MarketGate is the online platform where Vendors start their own webshop in order to sell items. Buyers can purchase these items with cryptocurrencies such as ULG, DOGE, DGB and BTC.

CasinoGate is the online platform where different casino games, such as Videopoker, Baccarat and Slots, can be played. Players play these games by using cryptocurrencies such as MERGE and ULG.

Future platforms of UltraGate include ExchangeGate and SocialGate.

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