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Merge continues to expand and participate in well-known crypto currencies platforms, this time by joining CoinGecko Beam. Hop over to our dedicated page on CoinGecko and read our latest news and announcements:

CoinGecko Beam allows crypto enthusiasts to read the latest news and announcements from Merge along with other projects in one place without having to search through social media and project blogs. This move improves communication and provides transparency by keeping Merge stakeholders informed.

Merge swapped over 100 communities that had invested into projects that were exit scammed or abandoned by developers. Many of us have been lured into these schemes and have lost our hard-earned money. CoinGecko Beam hopes to reduce investors loss by helping them make informed decisions, distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent projects.

While reaching more than 2 million unique users per month, CoinGecko Beam also sends our news and announcements to CryptoID, Coin Market App, CoinTrendz and Crypto Market Cap, giving Merge a higher exposure.

CoinGecko Beam is available on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and the Web. Official CoinGecko app downloads can be found below:

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