Merge listed on Flits

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Merge listed on Flits

The Merge Core team is pleased to announce the listing of Merge on Flits app.

Flits is the passive income app combining wallets and masternodes among its main features. Users can earn and hold their cryptocurrencies without compromising on security.

From today, Flits has integrated our coin, MERGE, that can safely be stored on Flits app. Even more, MERGE holders can run MERGE masternodes thanks to Flits Host feature, all while being in control of their coins and private keys.

Download Flits app and start earning with Flits and Merge:

About Flits

Flits is the all in one solution for earning and spending cryptocurrencies, all while enjoying worry-free passive income with masternodes and staking. Users earn or hold their crypto without compromising on security.

With the Flits app, Flits strives to ensure that their users have the possibility to explore crypto in the easiest way possible. Flits has proven itself to be a trustful, secure and a safe partner for every crypto enthusiast.

The Flits app is their decentralized and mobile crypto app that makes possible to deploy masternodes at anytime and anywhere.


  • Store: users can store and hold their crypto safely inside the Flits decentralized app and take them everywhere they go.
  • Host: the Flits app provides masternode hosting in the most safest way. Users are in control of their masternodes and private keys.
  • Swap: users can swap tokens inside the Flits app, making investing in different cryptocurrencies even easier.
  • Spend: with Flits integrated gift cards, users can earn and spend their crypto directly from the Flits app.

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