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Merge Website Update

During the last days, we have updated our Website with new content that reflects Merge’s current goals and ecosystem.

We invite you to take a look at it:

On the Home page, we have enhanced the benefits our users and partners enjoy when they consume our services. It is not common to use services without losing ones main capital. Thus, the decision to emphasize it:

Use SaaS

Still on the Home page, we have also highlighted the key role of developers. They can make income when users and partners use the software they decide to publish with Merge.

We invite developers to join and contribute with their creations. They will then receive profits thanks to our Escrow Services.

Develop SaaS

Moving on to the Ecosystem page, we display a new ecosystem graph that connects our core products with our service offering to developers and users & partners. The graph comes with the corresponding explanation as well.

Ecosystem Graph
Ecosystem Graph

Special mention to our Escrow Services, which acts as the connector between developers and users & partners:

  • This trusted third-party ensures that developers are paid when consumers use their services.
  • It also guarantees that users & partners consume services without losing their invested tokens.

That brings us to the concept of Tokenomics, which is the other key player we explain on the Ecosystem page.

We have adjusted the remaining pages to the above content for a full understanding of our ecosystem and offering.

We hope this update satisfies our community. As usually, we are open for feedback and improvements.

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