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By DFWplay

Our alliance with PIVX incubated the discovery of MergeDEX. Allowing them to see the benefits of listing on MergeDEX and recognizing it as a trusted exchange. This will bring credibility to MergeDEX as a fast, low fees, and users hold their own keys, creates an unparalleled user experience.

Start trading PIVX on MergeDEX @ https://PIVX.MergeDEX.com

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MergeDEX.com a partner of Birake Network Exchange, an Estonia register entity. A conglomeration of eight other exchanges, all sharing their order-books with one another to maximize liquidity.

Built with BitShares Decentralized Autonomous Cooperation (DAC) technology model but in a much more secure way. Unlike BitShares/Crypto-Bridge exchange, direct access to the chain is not available, preventing hackers from introducing pirate coins and other malicious attacks on the chain.

MergeDEX takes the best from DAC model, speed, low fees, and dynamic account premising and by adding orders from other exchanges, giving you added volume to get in or out of your trades

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