Why blockchain seeders “crawling” are important?

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Alpha Merge Seeder http://web.mergeseeders.org/summary

Connectivity lies in the heart of every blockchain, even more, if it causes the chain to fork. Getting and maintaining that data for all the nodes on the network, make the difference when keeping all the nodes in sync.

Ever wondered why you have to addnode IP addresses to your chain’s config file? Why when the chain forks, everyone is looking for new addnode IP addresses? It all comes down to your network’s ability to sync with other nodes on the network to reach consensus.

Let’s scale down a bit and think about your chains’ success. What would a seeder do for your chain? Here are a few things that come to mind.

  1. How healthy/forked is your chain
  2. What version of your wallet are people using
  3. Current protocols used on your chain
  4. Network decentralization of your nodes
  5. Number of peers found by the crawler
  6. … and many more!

If your chain is not using a seeder, your chain stability is at risk of forking!!!

Alpha Merge Seeder http://web.mergeseeders.org/summary


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