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Merge NodeCheck Partnership

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  1. Another alliance and milestone for Merge!
  3. Merge Hosting

Another alliance and milestone for Merge!

The Merge team is excited to announce a new partnership between and Merge Hosting. We have teamed up to offer an unparalleled masternode hosting experience. service allows premium masternode monitoring with status and payment alerts via email, Telegram and Discord. Merge Hosting offers a stress-free way for clients of any level of expertise to run masternodes for various coins.

What is NodeCheck?

NodeCheck is a unique specialized service that allows crypto currency owners the ability to monitor their masternode(s) and more. It provides real-time alerts for when the status of your masternode changes, so prompt action can be taken by yourself to remedy the issue. This means you do not have to keep checking your masternode to ensure that it is working correctly – NodeCheck does that automagically and seamlessly for you.  Providing alerts for when your masternode has received a payment is just one example of one of the many valuable features of using this monitoring service.

Is monitoring important to you?  NodeCheck monitors your node(s) 24 hours a day 365 days a year (plus 1 day for leap years) with 15-minute intervals. 

Not good enough?  Real-Time monitoring is on-demand with a simple refresh of a node’s status, you have complete control. 

What about Alerts?  This is one of NodeCheck’s hidden gems, they offer alert notifications via email, Discord and even a Telegram account.

Saving time important to you? There is NO need to login and synchronize your QT Wallet for masternode status checking; clearly a valuable and non-techie approach to SIMPLY managing a masternode.

Still want more reasons to create an account with NodeCheck?  Maybe privacy is your concern, they have email and anonymous token login as well as an auto account delete feature, how cool is that?

You tend be a perfectionist?  Then the customize GUI feature will have you jumping for joy and playing around for hours because you get to completely customize your UI to just the way you like it. The list goes on and on, such as all history is recorded including event logs and payouts, masternode statistics, proactive monitoring and payout notifications of coins earned with their value in USD$.


Merge Hosting

What is Merge Hosting?

In a nutshell, hosting is the service that masternodes of supported cryptocurrencies use to control the stability and secure a coin/ tokens network.

Masternode owners greatly benefit from the cost of this service since it can be funded by Merge’s very own Tokenomics. This means clients get a masternode hosting service paid for by the rewards of locking up MERGE tokens in our private, secure, and registered escrow service; and when the stipulated contract ends our clients get the tokens back/unlocked.

How safe is this you ask?  Merge takes care of the server side in addition to all the technical aspects of the process while the client always holds/ maintains ownership of their coins.  Our client’s coins are NEVER at risk.

Reliability of concern to you?  Merge’s dedicated servers are of advanced configurations with blazing fast internet guarantees which provide excellent QoS (Quality of Service).

You like innovation?  That is where Merge ‘Tokenomics’ shines.  Merge has taken the escrow service to the next blockchain level.  Clients simply lock-up their Merge tokens for a stipulated timeframe and the masternode rewards pay for the hosting service, 100% of the Merge collateral is returned to the client at the end of the lock-up period.


Thank you for your continued support.

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