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StakeCube Community Voting

On August 1st, Merge was listed on StakeCube’s Community Voting in order to get listed on their exchange. Since then, and thanks to the great support of our community, Merge has received votes on a daily basis, reaching 700 votes today. We would like to celebrate this milestone, and invite you to help us achieve our goal of receiving a total of 1,000 votes (300 more from the current count of votes), which is the minimum amount needed to get listed on the mention exchange.

What is StakeCube?

StakeCube is a powerful crypto trading platform with an amazingly fast matching engine, clean user interface and the most unique features known in crypto. The exchange is fully integrated into the ecosystem and linked to all other apps. Coins waiting in open orders still generate rewards.


Earn while you trade!

StakeCube is the first cryptocurrency exchange where you receive staking and interest rewards for coins residing in open orders; your coins keep working for you until the order is filled.

Small fees – with the possibility to reduce them even further

You only pay for fees for trades that are executed, no fees will be incurred when placing an order and there are no other hidden costs. The standard fee of 0.1% can be further reduced down to 0.05% with StakeCube’s unique SCC masternode registration.

5 base pairs with over 120+ markets. Arbitrage info inclusive

Flexibility! StakeCube allows you to buy and sell within the constantly growing markets against BTC, SCC, LTC, DASH and DOGE. The unique arbitrage info shows you not only a reference, but also top trading opportunities between other exchanges.

How does Merge get listed?

Once we get 1,000 community votes we will automatically get listed on StakeCube. It is that simple!

1 vote = 1 SCC (StakeCube Coin)

How to vote?

1. Create a free account at

2. Check your spam or normal folder for the verification code to activate your account.

3. Purchase StakeCube Coins (SCC) on StakeCube, Birake or in any of the other exchanges the coin is listed. Your SCC should then be sent to your SCC wallet on StakeCube.

4. Go to and vote with StakeCube Coins (SCC). We currently have 700 votes, we need 300 more to reach the total of 1,000. You can use up to 10 SCC every day to vote for your favourite coin.

Thank you for your continued support.

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