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Table of Contents

  1. What is Merge DEX Coin Listing?
  2. Birake’s Shared Exchange Network
  3. MergeDEX features
  4. How much does it cost to get listed on MergeDEX?
    1. One-time payment
    2. Coin Listing Program
  5. Apply to get listed on MergeDEX

1. What is Merge DEX Coin Listing?

Merge DEX Coin Listing is the service Merge offers to cryptocurrencies that wish to be listed on MergeDEX. We provide two different options for being listed on the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that sits under Birake’s Shared Exchange Network, which involves several other benefits besides trading coins in a regular DEX.

Try out MergeDEX:

2. Birake’s Shared Exchange Network

Birake introduces an innovative shared exchange network concept with a shared central database, opening new possibilities to how cryptocurrency is traded. By releasing exchanges within the same network, traders on a Birake-operated exchange, like MergeDEX, will make use of a cross networked order book and exchange liquidity, enabling swift fulfilment of a trade at the best price possible.

Exchanges operating on the Birake network can handle 100,000 transactions per second, providing users with an incredibly responsive and real time cryptocurrency trading experience, creating a truly scalable concept and trading ecosystem.

3. MergeDEX features

Being part of Birake’s Shared Exchange Network brings a set of features that MergeDEX benefits from. Find some of them below.

  • Real time cryptocurrency trading: MergeDEX is a trade engine for highly efficient matching of trades. The buyers and sellers can place orders and get matched for best pricing.
  • Order book shared worldwide: MergeDEX benefits from all the active orders under Birake’s Shared Exchange Network.
  • Full protection: MergeDEX runs on decentralised technology, which is safer than centralised-oriented ones.
  • Your coin, our infrastructure: no technical knowledge is required, we take care of all tasks around having your coin listed and ready to be traded on MergeDEX.
  • Secure wallets: Exchange wallets are completely isolated from the platform.
  • Coin Listing Program: option to get listed on MergeDEX at no cost when your coin wins the Coin Listing voting.
  • Multi-Level Referral Program: MergeDEX users can earn rewards passively by promoting our Exchange to new users who register with their referral link.

4. How much does it cost to get listed on MergeDEX?

We provide two different options in order to get listed on MergeDEX.

4.1. One-time payment

A one-time payment of:

  • 0.25 BTC for the top 100 coins from CoinMarketCap or coins with high market cap.
  • 0.20 BTC for every other coin.

4.2. Coin Listing Program

Benefit from our Coin Listing Program and get listed with the help of your community. More details of the Coin Listing Program at:

For the cryptocurrencies that decide to go this way, we help them get votes by airdropping Merge coins to the first 100 users from their community who register on

Steps for each coin’s team/community:

  • Complete the two steps on section “Coin / Token listing registration” of the Coin Listing Program rules:
  • Contact us to enter the airdrop. We will agree on a channel where we can keep track of the users who will register on MergeDEX.
  • Once registered on MergeDEX, the users must share their MERGE address obtained from the exchange on the channel that has been previously agreed with the coin’s team/community.
  • We will verify the MERGE address provided has been obtained from MergeDEX. Upon a positive verification, the user will receive the Merge coins in that MERGE address. This applies to the first 100 users of the given coin’s team/community.
  • We expect the users will use ALL the Merge coins received to vote for the coin that is applying via our Coin Listing Program.

5. Apply to get listed on MergeDEX

Get listed on MergeDEX and benefit from its features. Your coin will be:

  • listed and traded across all exchanges within Birake’s Shared Exchange Network;
  • exposed to global marketing campaigns by MergeDEX and every exchange on the network;
  • visible to every trader on the network, extending your current user base exponentially;
  • enhanced with higher volume than trading on a single exchange.

Both one-time payments and airdrops for the Coin Listing Program can be requested via the following email:

Merge Core
Contact us


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