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  1. New exchange trading MERGE
  2. About Folgory

1. New exchange trading MERGE

We are happy to announce a new exchange where to trade our coin. MERGE has been listed on Folgory, with the following available pairs for trading:

This brings Merge to two new crypto markets besides BTC, being these USDC and ETH, and to one fiat market: EUR.

2. About Folgory

Folgory is a regulated centralized exchange based in Estonia. It was launched in May 2019 and it is presented as an exchange with a strong projection and development, given the features it already offers.

Folgory ranks currently as a top 47 exchange on CoinMarketCap. Its main and current features are:

  • Portfolio Management: all users’ digital assets in one easy application, with full control of tokens and collectibles by storing them on the users’ own device.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies: users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies from a fiat wallet using EUR / USD / GBP by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress…), all in real time.
  • Trading exchange: thousands of orders and liquidity for trading, bringing simplicity to trading in all available pairs. All trading fees at no cost.
  • Investment plan: an investment wallet that grows every day. Our range of investment options have been developed utilising our proprietary, multi-strategic approach which spreads risk and increases margins.
  • Professional dashboard: a comprehensive dashboard comprising all the real-time information of the major cryptocurrencies, trends and prices. A live view of the users’ deposits and the total fiat available in the wallet.
  • Create your token: users can create their own cryptocurrencies without understanding any code or hiring developers. Their new tokens can be automatically listed on Folgory. All with just a few easy clicks.
  • Support & FAQ: 24/7 technical support for any queries. The AI system provides automatic and secure management of users activity, and their feedback helps improve the service.

Folgory does come with a Business account too. This gate allow merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrencies and instantly convert them into fiat, all with 0% on transaction fees.

Folgory for merchants

Learn more about Folgory:

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