MERGE featured at the BITCONF

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On May 4-5, I went to Sao Paulo, Brazil for the biggest conference on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the country. First of all, I felt thrilled for the opportunity to share my views on Merge and the future of crypto. That was a great chance to show all those enthusiasts the importance of Merge. After that, I could show our progress regarding the project’s overall situation, as well as future plans.

Merge represents a paradigm shift to the cryptosphere. By gathering talents from so many communities, the project strengthened its team. And what makes the Merge team stronger is the constant influx of new perspectives and skills. This creates a critical mass of talents with innovative ideas that arise from so many different mindsets. Due to all this, the project has been considered the melting pot of the cryptospace.

And on the technology side, here comes Membrane, the most ambitious and innovative project ever conceived. The team is shaping it up to become the “blockchain of blockchains”. Or, for a more technically accurate definition, the protocol and metalanguage that allows for different blockchains to interact. This protocol will enable the development of an entirely new ecosystem on top of all that. And this ecosystem will be comprised of new software products that every developer can code under a new concept. A new programming paradigm where “value” accounts for as a new variable type. Value variables will exist and interact along with the traditional “number”, “string”, and others.

All this will revolutionize the crypto industry, and bring the software development standards to a higher level. This is enough to keep us motivated; There is no need for making any hype on top of that. All we need is what we already have. A great team, good motivation, and groundbreaking ideas waiting to become a reality.


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