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  1. Merge listed on StakeCube
  2. About StakeCube

1. Merge listed on StakeCube

Against the backdrop of an intense round of voting and rallying against 20 other cryptocurrencies over the past month, we are happy to announce that Merge is now listed on StakeCube as a tradable crypto asset!

Start trading MERGE on StakeCube today through the following links:

What this means to us?

The successful listing of Merge on StakeCube represents a momentous milestone to all of us, but more importantly, it highlights several pivotal functional attributes for Merge, both as a cryptocurrency and as a whole community.

New exchanges or platforms means new opportunities. New listings ultimately mean more visibility, outreach and liquidity, some very noteworthy considerations for the growth of Merge as a whole. Having Merge listed on a reputable platform such as StakeCube brings new incentives to both traders and holders of Merge.

Getting to where we are required strong support from our community, something Merge had, fortunately, an abundance of. Merge started StakeCube’s Community Voting campaign at the very bottom of the pile, but gradually and assuredly, climbed its way to the very top of the ranking. We even had the luxury of resting our votes towards the end of the voting round due to our astronomic rise to the top, on the back of an infallible support from our community. All of us at Merge Core would like to wholeheartedly thank the support of our community.

Last but certainly not least, the listing of Merge on StakeCube capitalizes on the unique attributes of StakeCube as a trading and staking platform.

2. About StakeCube

StakeCube is a reputable and versatile crypto trading platform with a reliable user interface matched with a seamless ecosystem engine. It has a unique attribute of enabling rewards to be generated for coins that are locked in an open order. This attribute alone ensures added value to traders on StakeCube.

StakeCube exchange features

  • Earn while you trade – As mentioned above, the most unique feature of StakeCube is its ability to generate rewards for coins that are placed in an open order. In essence, users will be able to generate rewards as they wait for their trades to be executed. StakeCube is the first cryptocurrency exchange to provide users with this valuable feature.
  • Minimal trading fees – Fees will only be incurred once a trade has been executed. Unlike some exchanges where users are charged fees for placing an order, StakeCube provides an ease of mind to its users with no hidden costs and fees. The standard 0.1% incurred for a trade can be reduced by half with StakeCube’s unique SSC (the native token for StakeCube) masternode registration.
  • Flexibility and versatility – Users will have the option to trade listed cryptocurrencies against 5 base pairs, namely – BTC, SCC, LTC, DASH and DOGE. There are currently over 120 accessible markets to choose from on StakeCube, and this number will be projected to rise in the near future. Users may utilize StakeCube’s unique arbitrage information that enables users to reference top trading opportunities against other exchanges.

Other key StakeCube attributes

  • Flexible and versatile wallet – StakeCube provides each user with a personalized wallet which enables portfolio customization based on the type of coins that a user is holding. Be it Proof-Of-Stake (POS), Masternode (MN) or Proof-of-Work (POW). Also, users may deposit or withdraw coins at any time without any lock-in periods for a specific cryptocurrency.
  • Masternode hosting – Users have access to an integrated masternode hosting system to monitor and generate masternode rewards based on the coins that they are holding. Users may also share a masternode to reduce their collateral requirements, and hence claim a fraction of the generated node rewards based on their contributed collaterals.
  • Compounding interest system – StakeCube also provides users with the opportunity to earn up to 11.57% interest per year based on their holdings. Compounded interests are paid out on a daily basis to StakeCube users.
  • StakeCube Academy – Knowledge is power. StakeCube’s academy provides a knowledge base for users to get an insight on the latest happenings in the cryptosphere. Users may even submit their own work as content and earn SCC (StakeCube’s native token) as a reward.


We look forward to all of you trading and staking Merge on StakeCube, and thank you for your support in helping us get here.

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