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Good afternoon everyone,
The Leadership team at Merge is proud to provide you with our first progress report.

Marketing Team

  • Website – Our sitemap is defined, and we’re currently continuing the creation and design of the site’s wireframe. Our Design Team is in continued communications with our Business Management department for uploading approved content.
  • Knowledge Base – We are in continued contact with the Community Management Team uploading their Q & A into our Knowledge Base (KB). Most of the Q & A pertains to the Swap Process and Phase 1 of the roadmap
  • Corporate Identity – Continued progress with the creation of the Corporate Identity (CI), our template for the document is almost complete
  • Graphics – Merge emoji’s are finalized and ready
  • Social Media – We have finalized the creation of our Community Discord, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Our Telegram account has (including bot) been created to support users.

Business Management Team

We are currently putting the final touches on the ecosystem vision and explanation. Although the business plan is complete we felt it necessary to tweak some of its aspects for the adaption.

  • Vision Paper – Currently working with Community Management Team and the Development Team ironing out some specifics. The framework is to a good portion done!
  • Framework – Our next to do item is to set a framework for the future finance part of Merge. This framework will illustrate how the money flows.
    Team Structure – Is currently in the construction phase as well as the decision process
  • Budget – Our framework is structured, and a Leadership Team discussion is in order which needs a proposal to be decided/ finalized.

Development Team

Our team has been working around the clock going through many lines of code, understanding and finalizing the rules reward structure to provide the coin supply for the swaps and to stabilize the network. Finalizing procedures and establishing/ creating the genesis block has begun.

  • Testnet – Soon the coin will be ready to operate in test mode; basically, bug fixing at that point
  • Wallet – The wallet has been re-designed for Project Merge

Community Management Team

The Team has been working well together pulling in ideas and rolling out procedures for how the swap process will work. Establishing a priority sequence of events with a google docs opt in questionnaire was needed and a great addition to our Phase 1 swap process.

  • Coin Swap Listing – Always a work in process but a substantial list has been compiled and assigned to specific members of the team
    Swap Ratio Spreadsheet – Completed, tested and good to go!
  • Coin Approach Procedures – Process is in development
  • Knowledge Base – In coordination with various other departments we have compiled a list of Q & A that needs to be uploaded to the KB.
    Contact us: community@projectmerge.org

August 10th 2018


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