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Today, Merge has reached yet another great milestone in the direction of building all our future. Here’s a quick summary of some of the tasks that are completed or are currently in progress.

The Swap

The Merge testnet is up and running and tests are being performed. The swapsite with all the necessary wallets for the coins of ‘Swap Block 1’ have been compiled and the development team is now conducting final tests to ensure that the swap bot and swap wallets are running properly and in a smooth functional fashion. Furthermore, block explorers for the communities involved in the first swap have been created and are ready for use.

Already, even with 30 communities all set to swap, many more have registered their coins and we continue to see daily additions to our ever growing registration list. We encourage everyone, if you want your coin to be considered for swaping, we need your assistance. Your help starts with filling out the registration form for your coin, talking to your community and/or leaders about Merge and helping them understand what Merge is offering. Once you have done all these and members of your community are willing to swap, prepare to merge with Merge.

The swap process will be done in stages; the first stage ‘Swap Block 1’ will involve 30 confirmed swappable coins. These, and all coins swapped will be performed on a first come, first served basis. In other words, those that have reached out to us first by supplying what is required to swap will be the first added in succession.

Currently we still are unable announce an exact time or date of when the swaps will begin, but that being said we are getting very close. Once our development team has given us the green light with smiles and a thumbs up, you will be the first to know!

Adoption Of Blockchain

Due to some uncertainty of many, we would like to reiterate and clarify the purpose of Merge. Our phase 1 goal is to bring together many abandoned and/or struggling communities and combine them into one much larger community. Together we work in development (and many other ways) to achieve world adoption of blockchain technology by providing easy to use real world usecases for everyone.

In phase 2, the development of Merge’s new technology called ‘Membrane’ will allow much easier access to the many different products and usecases integrated with the blockchain. It doesn’t matter if it’s business related or not, or if it involves auto, health, finance industries or the many others. The ‘Membrane’ will allow the Merge community and/or all those residing elsewhere to merge all of ours and your ideas and efforts together to build them on top of the Merge ecosystem. One of the many key elements with the creation of the ‘Membrane’ is everyone will be able to develop blockchain related applications on their own or through collaborative efforts. Doing this provides easy access and very productive usecases for all, even those less experienced in blockchain technology.

The graphic below is a great example of the endless possibilities the blockchain can be leveraged, and it shows just how many usecases there are. These can also be seen as the many tasks and goals to be set and accomplished by all of us.

Through the creation of Merge, we all can and will accomplish many GREAT feats.

September 6th 2018


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