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The swap date for block 1 communities is fast approaching and the Merge
Core Team assures you that we are working very hard to prepare for the
release of MERG. Without being directly involved you can’t see what is
going on behind the scenes so the Core Team is presenting you this
summary to keep you informed of our recent activities while you eagerly
await the first swap!

Here is a brief summary of some of the work being performed by the
Merge Core Teams


Development of the new wallet is underway. Although many might say it
is taking longer than normal, our development team is not simply doing a
copy and paste to fork the blockchain code for MERG. They are using the
PIVX codebase and preparing it for the future and all the use cases,
applications and future development envisioned with the Merge
codebase. It is tireless and tedious work to ensure no bugs are present and
no problems will arise in the future. We all know too well that codebase
issues can cause significant delays and diminish the trust a community
has put into a project. We are moving along in a methodical manner to
ensure the success of Project Merge and the successful release of MERG.

The Development Team is also working in collaboration with some of the
other Core Team departments to identify and integrate the best work
platform into the Merge architecture. The chosen platform will be
integrated to ensure a highly productive Merge workplace.

Also, being worked on with other Merge Core departments is the use of
Trello as our internal project management tool. The Development Team is
integrating, into the codebase, a governance proposal and budget system
that will be used to compensate various community members, groups or
individuals working on projects listed in Trello.


At this time there are over 200 different coins that meet the criteria for a swap. Many of these communities are in contact with our Community Management Team. Everyday many more coin communities are being evaluated and approached or reaching out to us to see if they meet the criteria.

The Community Management Team is working with the Development Team to compile a skills, talents and resources database. This database will allow for a much simpler and easier way of seeking out individuals for Core Assistance and also form some community teams that will be needed in assisting the development of the many use cases, products and
applications of Project Merge.


This week there were very productive conversations with very
knowledgeable individuals within the crypto sphere that were held by the
Merge Business Team. With this being said, the Merge Business Team can
confidently announce to the community that the development of the
Merge Marketplace is getting very close to being opened. The Merge
Marketplace is where the community can exchange or offer services for
the development of use cases, applications and products. The Merge
Marketplace will be open for use to those wanting to be involved in
product development and helping make Project Merge a success.


The website is currently undergoing a very thorough analysis and
readjustment in preparation of optimizing SEO. SEO is a marketing
discipline focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine
results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements
required to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in
search engines. SEO will be one of the sophisticated tools that will be used
by the Merge Core Team to monitor the success of the many Merge media
platforms. SEO is proven to be extremely successful in accomplishing this

The Social Media Team is currently in the preparation stages of a paid
marketing push throughout the many social media channels. This and the
details will be announced shortly.

The current statistics across the Merge social media channels are:

Sept 2-8 / Page views+ 18 (-5%) / Reach+ 38+ (-24%) / Followers+ 73 (-4%
/ Likes on all posts for this time period + 74 (+4.3%)

Sept 2-8th / Profile/page views + 19 (+6%) / Reach+ 47 (-3%) /
Followers: 81 (+13) Impressions: -14%

Profile/page views: + 48.8% Followers: 102 (++) / Mentions + 15
(where we were mentioned in other tweets or in comments)

Your support and patience are very much needed to accomplish the many
tasks set ahead in the creation of Project Merge. There are many great
things still to come. Thank you for being a part of the Merge community!

Stay tuned,
Merge Core Team
Contact us: [email protected]

Download: _03_-_Press_Release_September_14th_2018


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