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Our Swap Budget is an agreed amount of Merge coins obtained from the mainnet’s premine. Its main purpose was to serve the community with Merge coins during the swap period, an event where abandoned crypto currencies were able to be interchanged by the newly created coin named Merge (ticker: MERGE).

Having distributed around three million Merge coins during the swap period, the Swap Budget still contained enough coins to fulfil future community proposals. In order to balance the distribution of the remaining coins, today the Swap Budget has been time-locked for the next five years into sixty new MERGE addresses.

Each of the sixty addresses represents a month, being the first one for July 2019 and the last for June 2024. This way, each address is used as a monthly budget that funds community proposals for Merge. The amount not spent in a particular month is moved to the next month available after August 2024.

We invite community members to take benefit of the monthly budget by proposing, developing and releasing ideas for Merge.

More details can found on our Knowledge Base: https://kb.projectmerge.org/faq#swap-budget

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