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Dear community members,
Here is an update on what has been going on behind the scenes as we get closer to the release date of MERGE and the much-anticipated swaps!


We are reaching the final stages of testing the wallet and swap site. Currently the testnet transactions are working properly and testnet masternodes are up and running. Being as our needs are slightly different than those our core code (PIVX), we had to ensure the structure and payout of rewards work properly, these include:

  • The payment of transaction fees instead of burning them
  • Coding of the swap bot

Once we are satisfied with THE results we will be reaching out to the community to provide their support for the testing of the wallet. We will have a “bug” bounty for individuals who provide detailed reports on problems we may have and are unaware of. More details regarding this will be announced shortly.

As for the swap site, we have finished development on the back-end work and are now moving on to the front-end. Testing of the swap site will begin shortly with test coins.


In our marketing department many tasks have been accomplished. One being the newly created Merge content hub.

This was created for us and the community to use, it will be completely accessible to all. We encourage everyone to participate in providing or reading content on the hub. So please, everyone who likes to write, post a blog on the hub. Keep in mind that it should be along the lines of anything about crypto, blockchain technology of other IT related topics.

We are currently in discussions with a writer/blogger to be a part of the Merge team. This should will us create content on a weekly basis. In collaboration with our SEO team members this will help the Merge Marketing team in reaching people in the crypto space and beyond.


The Community Management team is continuously working on keeping the community updated with as much information as possible. The reaching out to new communities is also a very large and ongoing daily task. We have finished compiling a list of 30 communities for the first swap block. We are working on the second block but the number of communities has yet to be determined.

The coin swap will begin as soon as the wallet and swap site testing are completed. Please keep in mind that we will not reveal any information about these 30 communities in order to prevent market manipulation. We will reach out to the corresponding communities with a swap ratio and date as soon as we are ready to begin.

Please ensure your community leaders reach out to us if they have not yet done so, it is the only way to be eligible for a coin swap.

Download: Press_Release_September_27th_2018

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