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adopting blockchain

This week’s update is brief as most of the Core team is preparing for the release of the wallet. So instead, we will focus on the view of the future goal and purpose of Merge, the adoption of the blockchain and some insights into what is going on within Merge.

Blockchain should be ready to adopt

Starting with a simple quotation about what blockchain adoption means. As the Cambridge dictionary states:

“Adoption is accepting or starting to use something new”

Blockchain technology is something new and, ever since its inception, the acknowledgement of its existence has spread across the world. The buzzword ‘adoption’ is quickly becoming a well known term, being used by many industries and societies. But the question is, how many processes have you seen that have adopted blockchain technology? Besides the transfer of funds, there isn’t many that use integrated blockchain technology for other purposes. Many know about it but few are using it. So we should ask ourselves, what is the reasoning behind this? For us it is the lack of ease and accessibility to this technology for the ‘regular everyday people’, thereby not allowing them the opportunity to build their own solutions and integrate them on their own without having to depend on someone else.

The use of blockchain should be as easy as ordering a pizza

A great way to see and compare where we believe blockchain technology accessibility should be is to look at the HTML coding of Websites (this is comparable to today’s state of blockchain) in comparison to drag and drop CMS solutions like Jimdo and WIX (this is the future state of the blockchain). This ease of access is the future goal of Merge and what we plan to achieve. We plan to provide tools, possibilities and opportunities to ‘regular everyday people’ in order to allow the integration and adoption of blockchain technology by everyone in their everyday processes.

Development team of Merge

The idea of what our goal wants accomplish may be clear but visualizing how we plan to execute this might be a bit confusing for some readers. Let’s try to make it a little easier to understand.

Merge Membrane’s purpose is about projecting transactions with actors and assets on the blockchain and provide a graphical interface where non-blockchain developers can define what a transaction is. This will allow the developers to determine what an actor is, what an asset is and which has to be used for what process.

How to use a Blockchain: Let’s order a taxi

In order to make it even easier to understand we would like to take an example of ordering an Uber Cab.

– Uber Cab

– Book an Uber Cab
– Start Transport
– Finish Transport
– Payment done

– Uber driver
– Passenger

In the above use case of the Membrane all the information can be stored in a logical process based on blockchain technology. Most grasp the understanding of cryptocurrency being used as a transaction and only focus on the currency part, using it just like all other currencies. Our plan is to focus more on the use of the blockchain in scenarios like the one above. The business process itself will be the foundation of this and from there we will evolve the Membrane technology gradually over time in a step by step process. A goal and priority of the Merge Core team is also to allow the community to participate and develop their own ideas, use cases, products and blockchain solutions. This also will be done gradually over time in a step by step process. By providing the tools to develop blockchain applications, our swapped community will be able to develop many of their own ideas, use cases, and products that they were unable to in their previous communities and help make all of our dreams a reality.

Marketing is pushing the awareness of our behaviour

As you might know if you want to develop a service or a particular product you must spread awareness of it. Our way forward will be to push regular content pertaining to the adoption of the blockchain, comparison of the blockchain to traditional systems and of course the advantages of it.

From a marketing perspective, we plan to provide steady growth on our social media channels and will push for this much harder in the future. So wherever you see Merge, please share, like and comment! It will help all of us!

Social Media in numbers:

Oct 3rd- Oct 10
Page views +16 (+78%)
Reach +202 (+531%)
Followers +4 (82 Total)
Page likes +2 (-33%)

profile/page views +9 (17 total)
Reach (+ 57) (-10%)
Followers : 105 (+6)
Impressions: +22 (247 total)

Oct 1-10th

Followers: 129 (++)
4.5 k impressions (385 daily)
Engagement + 2.7% (6.5% +)
Link clicks +19/12 re-tweets

Audience: USA,CAN & Russia prominent followers & engagement

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