What it’s like to talk about Merge

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Last week I spoke about Merge at Bitconf Brazil 2018 Summer Edition. I talked to an audience of Brazilian entrepreneurs, developers, enthusiasts and investors, among others. Needless to say how excited I felt about discussing Merge and its underlying Membrane framework. These technologies are currently in their inception phase, and represent a major breakthrough to the cryptosphere.

It was amazing to receive feedback from an audience with so different points of view, but with the same excitement. They felt thrilled about the inventiveness of such a brand new platform. Merge is the base of a totally new crypto-economy. An economy which is based upon real everyday life uses, rather than mere trading or speculation. Membrane, by its turn, is the language in which all the underlying infrastructure is meant to be designed – and which will eventually will make all these possibilities turn into reality.

You can read more about Merge and Membrane in the document below. Any questions, just let me know.


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