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The Merge leadership team has made a step forward and registered an entity to aid with the development, goals and success of Merge. The corporation, named Merge BCDG (Blockchain Development Group) USA LLC, is the use case for Merge through BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), providing blockchain-related products with payments using a fiat gateway.

Merge BCDG views Project Merge (also known as Merge) as a decentralized utility token that uses to trade for services. To the government and financial institutions, Merge BCDG is a centralized entity that accepts fiat for services/software.

The corporation will use MERGE tokens and buy them with the income it earns (BaaS).

Merge BCDG is currently preparing its site with its blockchain product offering. In the meantime, the entity has already created a bank and Coinbase accounts, as well as signed up for a merchant’s credit card.

Merge BCDG’s blockchain offering will start with the following products:

  • Block Explorer
  • DNS Seeder
  • Blockchain Development
  • Coin Swap Application
  • Merchandise Store
  • Code Build Server
  • Blockchain Snapshot
  • PWA Mobile Wallet

With these news, Merge makes a new step towards bridging the gap to crypto, this time by providing services to blockchain-oriented projects and teams that need them.

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